Katie DeNooyer. Sellwood Farmers Market, Portland, Oregon

Who Are You?

A person. An individual hair in the rope of “human body”. An excitable spaz who loves to silly with whoever will join me. 

I am an analyst - someone who will think on something until its original shape has disintegrated;
an arthead - my most important thoughts are translated best through visual (usually 3-dimensional) interpretations; 
a people person - I do not mean I love all people, all the time. I mean, the most impactful lessons I have ever learned were through achieving a better understanding of someone else. If I’m certain of one thing, it is that people need each other. 

I am an in-person person. Maybe I’ll see you around the way!

Photo taken at Mumble Street kiosk, Sellwood Farmers Market, September 17th, 2014
We asked Katie to answer the question 'Who are you?' in 250 words (or less).