Erin Cullins. Sellwood Farmers Market. Portland, Oregon.

“I am an irish girl, a word lover, an accidental mother, an obvious skeptic, a dreamy malcontent, an inappropriate storyteller, a children’s advocate, a novice expert, a pug person, a melancholy optimist, a whiskey drinker, a hiding ostrich, a volunteer addict, a debatable insomniac, a part-time extrovert, a wanna be poet, a vegetarian, a dancer with disappointment, an atheist, a feminist, a pacifist, a socialist, a coffee guzzler, the familial black-sheep, a treasure hunter, an anxious party guest, a mad shadow-animal maker, not a hugger, an uncomfortable receiver and a piscean fish always waiting for rain.”

Photo taken at Mumble Street kiosk, Sellwood Farmers Market, September 17th, 2014
We asked Erin to answer the question 'Who are you?' in 250 words (or less).