Objects. Charles Sanders Peirce defines an object as anything that we can think or talk about. Pretty simple. Objects are things: a hat, a Ford Festiva, the number twelve, a disbelief in transsubstantiation or the fear of walnuts. When we talk about objects, we are talking about something definite. When we talk about a particular something, we open up the conversation to the object’s provenance and all the fact and myth that it brings. 

 In a strict sense it refers to any definite being.

People. We encounter people every day, but seldom learn anything about them. We are all a collection of stories. At Box, we don’t want these stories to pass us by or, worse, to vanish. Long live our stories.

Places. You know what we mean. Somewhere, half buried in time, there is a place you’d like to see again or, on your way to work each day, you see a building that you’d just like to know more about. That is what we are doing. Feel free to send you your ideas.